Tuition & Payment

A non-refundable, non-transferable application fee is due with all new student enrollment applications. The fees are as follows:

Kindergarten-5th Grade - $150               Prekindergarten - $100

3 year old classes - $75               All returning students - $25

  • Tuition for K-5 will be made in 10 payments of $500 monthly.
  • Tuition for Pre-K will be made in 10 payments of $240 for 1/2 day program and $360 for full day. 
  • Tuition for 3 year old classes will be made in 10 payments of $220 for 10 months.
  • A school supply fee of $30 is due in January for all grades. (This fee will apply to all incoming students as well.) 
  • There is a one-time annual book fee due in July with the first tuition payment for PreK-5th grade.

Tuition for All Grades and Classes 

*The youngest siblings receive a 5% discount.

Ten Payments

  • The first payment is due on or before the 1st day of July 2017.
  • Remaining payments will be due the first of each month from August 1, 2017- April 1, 2018. 
  • Payments not made by the tenth of each month will result in a late fee of $15.00.
  • All money paid is non-refundable nor transferable. 


scholarships and giving

Pay It Forward is a great way to get financial assistance for your child. 

For more information on donating to TCA, please click the link below. 


Click the link below for more information regarding Pay It Forward scholarships.